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My grandmother used to make saurkraut in a big urn. Several of them at a time. There was nothing better than that. I love kraut on my hot dogs. Also add a bit to my home made vegetable soup to give it a tang. Mix 1 gallon cold water, 1 cup salt and 1 cup vinegar. Pour over cabbage; tighten lids. I have found that zinc lids used with rubber rings are better for this method of making sauerkraut than the usual two-piece lids.

Kraut will be ready to eat in days. Thanks a million. God that stuff so beloved just gags me even just smelling it. But I tried any who! If you use vinegar use apple cider vinegar with the mother. The probiotic in the mother is an added bonus. I have been making sauerkraut for many years in a crock and then canning it when ready.

Yes you can. This is the method I use.

Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches

Except, I use canning salt and shred in a little bit of carrots to make it prettier and to add a tad of sweetness. I can my sauerkraut for Reuben sandwiches. I have some in the larder right now. I can my pints for about 30 min at the pressure of Although the sauerkraut is much tastier, crunchier, and more beneficial when consumed raw, canning is still an excellent alternative. Even after canning, you still preserve other very beneficial qualities of sauerkraut, such as the abundance of vitamin C, and other nutritional values.

The lactobacilli species that are referred as the probiotic bacteria are ubiquitous in other foods we eat. They are present on the surface of every raw vegetable you eat, in your milk raw or pasteurized , live yogurt, and many more foods. Are you honestly kidding me, Kimberly?! Heat is notoriously known for destroying Vitamin C!!

Sauerkraut can keep up to a year in the fridge, so why anyone would ever need to can it, is utterly and completely ridiculous!!!! Sauerkraut is a source of a variety of nutrients including dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, iron, potassium, copper and manganese. Thermal processing of foods is only one of many ways of food preservation. It is well known that vitamin C is destroyed partially by heat. And there are so many dishes that can be prepared with sauerkraut rather than just eating it raw.

Variety is the key, Lyn. Variety is the key, Lynn. Yes kosher salt will work too. I always have it in my house. It never fails and always super crunchy. Mine is usually ready in four days. I love sauerkraut but have never had made it. Four days is not nearly enough time for the full set of beneficial bacterias to develop. Lactofermentation bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium spp. When you treat your raw vegetables with salt, you eliminate other bacteria and microorganisms that may be harmful for your health. The goal of lactic acid fermentation is to allow the beneficial bacterial species proliferate as quickly as possible and out-compete other bacteria and microorganisms in the system limited carrying capacity.

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You may be eating something very dangerous, Lynn. I happen to use a wine cooler…. My wine cooler takes all the worry and stress out of fermentation. Love that thing.

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The good bacterias and salt prevent any of the bad from taking over…. I use airlocks so my jars are airtight. Harmful bacterias need oxygen to thrive. There is nothing whatsoever that is dangerous in my jars. You can only imagine how amazing tasting my sauerkrauts are. We like your kraut. People have been making sauerkraut for centuries and fermenting it a heck of a lot longer than 4 days. Bad bacteria needs oxygen to survive and grow. My kraut is incredible tasting.

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I think the real moron is someone backing bad information and defending ridiculous notions that it is dangerous to ferment longer than 4 days. Laurie, I think you need to butt out and go make some kraut. I give what I get. Certain people should not be telling others that it is dangerous to ferment veggies longer than 3 days, as though it were fact. I have no patience or tolerance for ridiculous nonsense that has no truth whatsoever. You can safely ferment your veggies for many days and even months if proper techniques are used.

Home made canned sauerkraut is so way better than store bought! May loose as they say some of the probiotics but not all. You water bath only 15 min.

Per pint following Ball blue book instructions and then you can put up 25 or 30 on your shelf to grab as needed. Just a different way to look at putting up food. I use canning salt, caraway seeds and mustard seeds in my kraut. I ferment mine in 2 quart mason jars on my counter in a dark area of my cupboard for 1 month and after 1 month is up I refrigerate my jars which will last months in the fridge.

Nothing tastes better than homemade kraut, diced onions, diced homegrown potatoes fried in a cast iron skillet and served with homemade sausage.

Cooking Tips : How to Clean Red Cabbage

I grew up watching my mom and dad making sauerkraut together. It was our family activity in the kitchen.

Clean Cabbage In the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches

I never ever had a failure. It is a simple and fool-proof recipe. I always make sure that my cabbage is very clean. If there are black spots, I remove them.

See a Problem?

Black spots on cabbage are caused by fungus, which will compete with the lactobacilli. A nice trick to submerge your kraut is to place a sealed Ziploc bag full of water on top. You can fit it through any lid and it spreads out over the surface of your cabbage and keeps it under the juices. I also shred or julienne about 4 medium carrots per head of cabbage. But will the brine affect the plastic bag at all or cause it to deteriorate in any way like tomato sauce does to aluminum foil? I have used a plastic bag filled with water as my mother always did it that way and it works great!

Plastic bags…. I can only imagine the disgusting toxic chemicals being leached into your krauts from those bags…plus the salt would break down the plastic even more!!! Wow…you have much to learn. Canning sauerkraut is a ridiculous and counterproductive practice, for the ignorant.