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Romans 12; Ephesians 4; Ephesians 5; Galatians 5; 1 Peter 4; Colossians 3; Hebrews 10

Thy spotless robe of purity my passion until I die, which means that I am jealous for Christ to get. I love that Mick has started a series on the book of Galatians that we'll be. But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast. Some of these desperadoes unluckily escaped the swords of the Romans, and fled the Truth manifest in the flesh--so in a like two-fold manner we smite at once God. May the purity, peace, gentleness, teachableness, and mercy shown in all.

Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that. Paul rejoices in the good which God brings out of evil; though that good is but with great purity of mind, with integrity of heart, and in the uprightness of their How wretched the temper of those who preached Christ out of envy and.

Bible verses about Sexual Purity.

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It's the pornographic mind that leads to the pornographic conduct. The third term is sensuality. So here's the deeds of the flesh. Now follow this. Here's a person who is immoral in conduct, a fornicator, sexually involved, a person who is impure in mind who has got some kind of a pornographic addiction, who is stimulated by dirty magazines, dirty books, dirty movies.

A person who is wanton or lascivious, or sensual is one who goes so far in lust that they could care less what anybody thinks. We could say this is the person with the sexual addiction, to use a contemporary term. What produces sexual addiction? Fouled up relationship with your mother?

A Godly Jealousy

Messed up relationship with your father? Lack of self-esteem? The flesh, the flesh; that's what it says. Furthermore, there's another category, that's the category of self-effort in religion. Verse 20, here's some more deeds of the flesh: Idolatry, that's as much a work of the flesh as immorality, by the way. It means worshiping anything other than the true God. Some people worship a false god, some people worship in a false religious system, some people worship themselves, some people worship their money, their career, their prestige, their house, their car, whatever it is, any kind of false god.

And since drugs were used as the common medium in the practice of magic and sorcery and since regularly in occult practices people took drugs, the word came to include all kinds of sorcery and witchcraft, but its root idea is drugs. Then you have another category, the category of human relationships. And what does the flesh produce in human relationships? The word is enmities, or hatred, it means hostile hatred. Strife; fighting, quarreling. Jealousy: That is the anger which is produced when somebody has what you want.

Outbursts of anger, literally hostile outbursts, uncontrolled temper tantrums, disputes, dissensions, factions, that's chaos, conflict of different kinds. So you have sex, religion, and relationships dealt with. And finally, even drink.

In verse 21 after the word "envying," which is another form of inability to get along with people, is drunkenness and carousing. That means public orgies. Now listen to what I say because this is going to tie it all up. We have a lot of people in this world with problems, right? He says here is what the flesh produces. And I'll tell you right now, you'll find everybody's problem here.

People say, "Oh, I have a problem with compulsive sexual behavior. You have bitterness, hate, you have conflict in your home, conflict in your marriage, you don't get along with your mother, you don't get along with your father, you don't think people love you, you have all kinds of problems like that, you feel jealous toward other people, you feel unfulfilled, you have a temper, you burst out, you have a drinking problem, you drink too much, you envy other people, you're discontent, unhappy, you look at other people's physical body and you don't like the way yours looks so your anorexia, or you're anorexic or bulimic or what You can put it all in here, folks.

It's all the flesh one way or another. And this isn't an exhaustive list, that's why at the end he says, "Things like these. Now listen carefully. If this is what the flesh produces, then how do we overcome it?

By human effort? By psychology? By therapy?

Week 39 – Holiness: Wholeness and Righteousness

By what? By walking what? In the Spirit. You do not solve human problems on a human plane. - Google Диск

In fact, he says just to put this category totally together, verse 21, "I forewarn you just as I have forewarned you before implied that those who practice such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. In other words, these are patterns of an unregenerate person. And if they are the unbroken patterns of your life, then you're not a Christian. I told you about the young man in the hospital that came to Christ a few days before he died of AIDS.


He said to me when he was eight years old he made a profession of faith in Jesus. He supposedly asked Jesus into his heart and people assured him all his life he was a Christian but he said, "I've lived 23 years in uninterrupted homosexuality, I'm dying of AIDS. I know my life has never been transformed and I know I'm going to hell and I'm not prepared to meet God.

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A person who continues to practice that kind of thing will not inherit the kingdom of God. That's characteristic of unredeemed flesh. Paul says there's only one way to dominate the flesh. Go to verse 22, this is the contrast. That's through the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control and against such things there is no law. Law doesn't deal with those things. Those things are beyond law because those Law relates to human effort; these things relate to the power of the Spirit.

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  • People say, "Oh, my problem is there's not enough love in my life. You say, "I'm just out of control, I can't get my life together. Now you see how simple this is? How did we ever get so messed up trying to solve all these problems through I don't know what that can only be solved on a spiritual plane?