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PLUS we have a question of the day about what food to never feed a Master; tentacle links galore, and two new blogs work checking out,. Is it time for some birthday spankings? We have a small group gathering after the birthday dinner, and are talking about kink! Can you please tell me a little about how to figure out my Power Exchange, without making my Dom feel that I am being too challenging. I am currently struggling to categorize myself in one single category.

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I like to hurt people, but I love being hurt. I don't like to be in control in most situations, but I am not sure if I want people controlling me. Any help or guidance on what I am and how to be a happy resident of the Kink community? What the heck is Beyond the Love, who are the keynote speakers, and how do you get there?

What do spankings sound like on an audio podcast; What makes dawn swoon; How a couple s-types feel about service; We talk about these things and more!

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We range from why she ran, responsibilities of a Ms Leather Pride, the difference between a kink event and a Leather event, and then we range to get to know Lynn personally as well! Though Halloween is a month and a half away, Lee just decorated for the season. From AIDS to accidents to time that has elapsed, we remember those who have gone before, clearing the way for folks to dress up in sexy dominatrix costumes during this holiday season. With sweet and sad stories alike, he dares you to take up the challenge of not forgetting where the current kink communities came from.

Now… do your homework. Go talk to someone, learn their stories, and remember those beyond the veil. This week, Dan and dawn are joined by the crew from the Bliss Bringers podcast to talk about progress swingers! And they educate Dan all over the place! Find out where the original kink podcaster got his start! New subscribers to the newsletter but who left? It's time! You know you want to hear what's gonna happen next Yes we are in high gear for COPE What if your partner can only orgasm once? When was Barak's birthday? Is the Yeti insertable? Sheba the size queen Which turns you on more - sensuously appointed bedrooms or debaucherous public dungeons?

Lee Harrington explores the wide variety of places people enjoy sexual play, from private to public, and looking at what works for you.

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Fetishes they discuss include humiliation, housework, shaving, and LOTS more! Yes, it's new microphone testing time.

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My Partner and I filled out our Kink Lists, and they are totally different! How do we fix this impasse? What kinds of toys and equipment should I have when I am brand new? What about pervertables, and making my own? We also talk about Play Poly; How to find the "Hot" and still "Bring it home Hot;" Can a pre-existing couple suddenly develop a power exchange? Does Barak's love of Broadway Musicals make him Gay? How to break down a fetish or a kink into it's root or essential part?

watch Where do floggers and Cat o' nine tails really come from? This week, it is a special edition of the podcast! Our question of the day addresses how to take care of your toys, and what Orange Hankies really mean! This time they are covering fetishes like - being given away; hair pulling; ear plugs; following orders; golden showers; group play; tongue baths; and MORE! Dan has a new mistress?

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We return to a question of the day on males that want to be treated more female - and we actually have someone answer who has an answer! We are audio and video podcasting at the same time! My partner wants to be spanked. What should I do? Top, Bottom, Dom, Sub Labels in kink and what do they mean? How to get out of the basement and into the Kink Community. How many times in the 30 min podcast we say "Actually," and "Absolutely. We also talk about Sheba's desire for a clapboard; Is there a difference between fucker and fuckee?

Does giving oral sex make you a top? Is it a mutual beneficial arrangement or mutual assured destruction? Is there such thing as a Dominant Submissive, or is it just a Submissive Bottom?

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