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Nothing else demonstrates our obedience to the command; "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you Mat Benefits of seeking God early are infinitely awesome! Praise God!! I was bless and encouraged by your words thank you so much for this beautiful write up filled strength. I pray for grace and strength to wakeup early to seek his face. The first thing I do every morning I get up and thank the lord wile I make my coffee in the morning and spend my time in his word I bin doing this every day for about nine years now it became a habit for me.

I Have been struggling to get out of bed between 3 and 5 am.

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Its 3am and i found this article of encouragement to keep going and keep seeking Gods wisdom and voice that i need so dearly right now. To God be the Glory. This idea is coming from God and please continue, this is a life changing site. I really like and enjoy it, i will also recommend it to my other brothers in Christ. We need more of this kind in these last days.

God will surerly Bless you for this work. The Lord is surely my strength,my shield,I rise with his peace in my heart knowing that he is The God of my forefathers he walked and talk with them,as he does with us even to this day,if we take the time to close out the rumblings of our daily lives,we too can hear it what better time than early in the mornings. The topic is great point of up liftment in my situation right now. Also enlightenment to my soul. I would like to say thank you this was a blessing to me and it was there right on time and I thank you for it I love Love it.

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Oh thank you my Jesus for awakening me this juncture. It came as a dream today early morning around 2. When we're going to visit one of our church member but instead of reaching to the house of that church member, I realized it was the house of our pastor and all church members had already arrived.

That is the time I woke up in really sense and I opened my Bible started to read the word of God in proverb that Those who seek me God early Will eventual find me. They will prosper in all their ways and obtain honor and riches because all is His.

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I thank God for this teaching coz its my prayer that God will give me the quickening spirit that will cause my early awakening to pray and seek God diligently. Very beautiful. I understand it. I spend time Jesus. Mostly in the mornings but find myself talking to him throughout the day. Thank you so much it helped. Awesome thoughts u we're guided by Holy Spirit my Friend I loved this so much! Because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians !!!

Thank you for this most amazing and very special gem! I love you, and may God bless you in Jesus name!


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Many thanks for sharing! Unfortunitely i had let life rob me of my seeking God in the early hours of the morning! I truly missed such times but as time progressed, I felt more powerless and the harder it became for me to start my days by being in His presence! Thank you for reminding me that He longs to spend that one on one personal time with me! Holly spirit help me be consistant in seeking His face everyday, early every morning! It's so vital to seek him early.

He put us first on the cross and we in turn should do the same because he died we can live a life of confidence. I love you Jesus!!! I was looking for the verse by typing on Google search this morning "the Lord is good to those who seek him and find him", and I was scrolling down and found this here. I am grateful, encouraged, and strengthened. I needed that prayer this morning.

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Craig Barnes, Day 1 , Estudio de la Biblia. Proclaiming Faith , discussion, prayer, activities for primary grades, activities, Psalm "Permanent Things," study guide, Robert B. A list of links to on-line Bibles and general Bible study resources. A list of links to scholarly and preaching discussion groups and their homepages. A list of links to other lectionary-based preaching and worship resources. Terms of Use Ministry Matters , July 27, Worship Resources , Rev. Mindi, Rev-o-lution , Mustard Seeds , "Signs of God," Proper 12, A lectionary-based ideas resource for leaders of contemporary worship, Ann Scull, Gippsland, Australia.

Worship resources for Proper 12 by H. Burnham Kirkland from SermonSuite. Lectionary Liturgies , Ordinary 17, Thom M. Shuman, Presbyterian Church U. Liturgy for the Celebration of Life , Pentecost 6A. Prayers, blessings, Eucharistic prefaces and scripture paraphrases. Resources: Based on the Revised Common Lectionary. Notes and commentary for those reading this week's lectionary texts to the congregation. Outside the Box , Katherine Hawker, "Litanies, poems and prayers written for the local church. Bosco Peters, New Zealand. Starters for Sunday. Call to Worship , Mary Jane Konings, Prayers of the People , Richard J.

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Prayers and Musical Ideas. Ordinary 17 at Cerezo Barredo's weekly gospel illustration. Liberation emphasis. Bulletin Covers , www. Scroll down for Year A index. Dorothy Okray. Abiding Relationship. Are you letting the love of God stay in you! Or is it leaking out and making your joy and peace flat? Today we look at an abiding relationship with Jesus that can make your life full! False Relationship. Deception often comes from very close. How close? In the church? Today we are going to look at the false relationship with God that can lead us astray from a true relationship with Him.

Distracted From Relationship.

Reaching Berwick and Beyond

It really matters what you love! In today's message, we learn about the dangers of loving the world and the freedom and joy found in loving God. A Maturing Relationship. We are loved because we are loved by God's grace but we are also to grow in His grace. In today's message, we look at three levels of maturity found in 1 John that strengthen the church family when we grow in His love.

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