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Product B has greater functionality but takes longer to learn. The term learning curve with meanings of easy and difficult can be described with adjectives like short and long rather than steep and shallow.

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Fig 9 On the other hand, if two products have different functionality, then one with a short curve a short time to learn and limited functionality may not be as good as one with a long curve a long time to learn and greater functionality. Fig For example, the Windows program Notepad is extremely simple to learn, but offers little after this.

At the other extreme is the UNIX terminal editor vi or Vim , which is difficult to learn, but offers a wide array of features after the user has learned how to use it. Ben Zimmer discusses the use of the term "ON a steep learning curve" in an article "A Steep Learning Curve" for Downton Abbey , concentrating mainly on whether it is an anachronism. Unfortunately, people didn't start talking that way until the s. Zimmer also comments that the popular use of steep as difficult is a reversal of the technical meaning.

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He identifies the first use of steep learning curve as , and the arduous interpretation as From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Learning curve disambiguation. Further information: Learning curve machine learning. Business Dictionary. Retrieved 8 December Graphical representation of the common sense principle that more one does something the better one gets at it. Learning curve shows the rate of improvement in performing a task as a function of time, or the rate of change in average cost in hours or dollars as a function of cumulative output.

Smith's remark about the usage of the term "steep learning curve": "First, semantics.

A steep learning curve is one where you gain proficiency over a short number of trials. That means the curve is steep. I think semantically we are really talking about a prolonged or long learning curve. I know it is a subtle distinction, but I can't miss the opportunity to make that point. General experimental psychology.

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Longmans Psychology Series. October , "Competitive cost dynamics: the experience curve", Interfaces , 12 5 : 50—61, doi : The learning curve. Archived from the original PDF on See the full definition for learning curve in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with learning curve.

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Definition of learning curve. Examples of learning curve in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Cole was solid, especially given the steep learning curve of the NFL paired with a ramshackle year for the Cardinals as a whole. Ryan May. Principles of Instructional Leadership.

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Instructional leadership refers to the administrative duties required by those responsible for leading educational institutions. These managerial tasks commonly fall to the principal or lead administrator and comprise all actions that he or she Read more. Continuing Education for the Busy Entrepreneur.