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Dramaturgical Consultant Jack Copeland. Developed with support from the Playmachine Artist-in-Residence Program.

Co-produced by Unattended Baggage Co. Make a tax-deductible donation to support The Heresy Machine here! In darkness, you hear the rumbling of a colossal machine. Lights come up on Baby, a computer. He is embodied by a human in medicalized white clothing. He scans the stage, gaining cognizance. He emits prerecorded sounds - the beginnings of speech.

Alan Turing, mathematician and dreamer, enters, writing an equation.

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As he works, he realizes Baby sees him. They repeat words, teaching and learning. They are captivated by each other. The Heresy Machine engages with the work of Alan Turing by adapting his groundbreaking work in mathematics, computer programming, and biology into a theatrical medium.

Choreography by Seth Majnoon corresponds to custom computer programming by Robert Salzer, with an interplay of projectors as an interactive set linking choreography and coding. As a creative team of LGBTQ artists, we feel deeply invested in the themes of body autonomy and the de humanization of queer bodies. The Heresy Machine opens new windows into our own relationships with the machines around us. Marc is always looking to collaborate so get in touch.


The first encounter is all about matching the correct runes and utilising a relic to defeat enemies with unique interactions. There are several towers built in to the face of the mountain in the first area.

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Each tower has a Hive rune on top that's used to navigate this stage. To find out which runes you should be looking for you need to drop off the cliff and into the first tower. Here you need to kill a set of enemies and gain access to a room with a Knight therein. Defeating it rewards you with a relic and a view of three runes. Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid - conquer the Black Garden Destiny 2 armor 2.

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Take note of them and retrace your steps. Then find the matching tower and dispatch its inhabitants. You'll need to use the sword depending on the enemy. Collect your loot and continue until you see a wall of doors.

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Ignore the vast array of doors and look for a hole in the wall to head just off to the right of the broken bridge on which you're standing. Follow this path until you drop in to a dimly lit room.

Here there are some hidden tunnels with small Hive membranes protecting them, which can be destroyed with a few shots. There are also two unkillable ogres rampaging around the wider tunnels, so be vigilant. Escape this by navigating these tunnels and killing the Hive Knights you come across. Killing a Knight triggers a void orb dropping. Dunk this orb in a vessel outside of three doors the ogres are protecting. After you kill three and deposit their orbs in each of these doors the next stage commences.

The third encounter in the Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy is largely a wave defence activity with a debuff mechanic. Your goal is to destroy them. Similar to the previous encounter, you need to destroy Hive knights and deposit their void orbs in the container next to the blocked door. It sounds simple, but this time, you're hit with debuffs. If the team accrues enough of them, it's game over. Counter this by depositing void orbs, thereby reducing the debuff.

My team worked on rotation: we stationed one of us outside the door to kill adds that spawn above the area and fire devastating shots. Then we switched each time one of us deposited an orb.

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When you've deposited all six, the encounter ends and you can blast your way through the door.