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Browse the tips and useful advice on the Interview Skills Consulting website to figure out the best approach to adopt. Companies will open up new roles to address problems they wish to solve — so if you can show that you are the person to solve that problem, then you have a good chance of success.

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Selling your own skills to address specific problems that may be mentioned in the job ad can have a big impact. Take time to polish your responses.

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

Your answers will be far more polished. Paying attention to what your interviewer has to say is critical, and you will need to practice your handshake. In the modern environment, employers often drill candidates down via initial telephone or Skype selection, global employers may not even take the time to call you for personal interviews.

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Take time to prepare thoroughly and source the right job. So make the most of each and every interview situation as you will learn from mistakes and begin to hone and adapt your sales pitch to suit the employer.

Am I Writing About My Life, Or Selling Myself Out?

Start by looking at the different activities that make up your life and make a list of the skills you used. Wrote essays and gave presentations for your degree course? Examples of your written and verbal communication skills. Example of teamwork and, if you were captain, organising, leading and motivating others. Fitted in a part-time job alongside your course and work for a SU society? Examples of time management and prioritising.

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Also make a list on top of that of any extra qualifications or courses you might have attended. First Aid qualifications or IT courses are valued by employers.

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  • It's always good to ask friends, family, your boss old or new and the tutors who know you best what they think you're good at. If you're worried about over-selling yourself or coming across as arrogant, you have to change your thinking. What you are doing in your interview isn't boasting; you are simply providing recruiters with evidence that you are the right person for the job.


    Recruiters aren't mind readers. Unless you tell them about your skills and highlight what you are best at, they won't know and will probably hire someone else. So approach an application or an interview with the attitude that you are going to tell them about all of the skills that are relevant to the position to help them make the best decision. Self-help books call this switch in thinking 'reframing the situation'.

    gitoglackphogart.cf We just call it common sense. If you really aren't comfortable saying 'I'm good at managing my time' you could talk about times when you managed your time well, using the CAR technique describe the Circumstances, your Actions and the Results. For example: 'There have been times when I have had to manage my time carefully to get things done.

    In my second year, I volunteered two mornings a week at a primary school through Community Action, but I also had to hand in two essays a week and I worked at a supermarket for eight hours a week. I handed in all of my work on time, met all of my volunteering obligations and still worked my eight hours, although I did swap shifts with colleagues on a couple of occasions.

    In other studies, the researchers showed how we prefer artwork and artists with potential to win awards over those that actually have, and prefer restaurants and chefs with the potential to be the next big thing in dining over the ones who have already made their name. In a particularly clever study, they compared two versions of Facebook ads for a real stand-up comedian.

    Selling Yourself in an Interview

    And this is not, incidentally, a pro-youth bias in disguise. So, since preferring potential over a proven record is both risky and inherently irrational, why do we do it? According to these findings, the potential for success, as opposed to actual success, is more interesting because it is less certain. When human brains come across uncertainty, they tend to pay attention to information more because they want to figure it out, which leads to longer and more in-depth processing. High-potential candidates make us think harder than proven ones do.

    So long as the information available about the high-potential candidate is favorable, all this extra processing can lead unconsciously to an overall more positive view of the candidate or company. That part about the information available being favorable is important. In another study, when the candidate was described as having great potential, but there was little evidence to back that up, people liked him far less than the proven achiever.