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It did! And Milton Stern tells you all about it. Based on his popular and hysterical blog, Milton Stern threads together his trailer park adventures with Esmeralda, the rescue beagle, and his past exploits to create a story only he can tell. You'll grow to love his quirky family, his neurotic dog, his colorful neighbors, and really appreciate Milton as you live the trailer park trash life through his eyes.

Stern, Milton. It was at that moment that I had to find out more about the book and discovered that it was written by Milton Stern, a guy whose work I reviewed in the past and loved.

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I could not wait to read it but unfortunately I did have quite a wait—at least until yesterday when my copy arrived and kept me up all night laughing. I think God has a much grander plan than what most think. If one looks at the text, they can derive many different explanations. It is quite easy to say that someone who is in fact innately homosexual is what the torah is talking about. What if it is talking about people that are not homosexual, but engage in homosexual acts?

Homosexuality was looked at as an act for a very long time. Today it is not looked at as that, rather it is looked at as an alternate lifestyle that some have due to their sexuality. For anyone to say that the Jewish Press did not do the right thing by publishing this, does not understand Judaism. Judaism is not a religion of silence, although it might appear so based on many communities within. Part of what makes God great is that he created diversity. He did not create robots, not did he create all white males, same noses, bodies and so on.

His greatness is that he did not go that route. I do not think that God loves any of his children less or more.

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Just take a look at what is happening in Israel. I just wonder, what do these people think God wants from them. Do they really think God wants them embarrassing someone?

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When did it become ok to think learning torah all day makes one better than another. This world needs our help. Can one live in those communities and do these things? Yes, but that seems to be seldom cases. Some reach out to the world and some stay in a building for their entire life. I just cannot get over how people think that they are better than others. It is sad! Dessler, impossible …. Ask any licensed psychologist. Religious values may be different, but there is no religious encyclopedia for mental illness. Be who you are, and be proud. People like Chaim Levin and JQY want the gay agenda and the gay lifestyle to be embraced and accepted.

I know first hand. I am struggling with same sex attractions but I have not and will not give up my struggle. And if a young gay Jew comes to them and refuses to accept the gay agenda he will likely be ostracized by them. I hope you find a place where your happy and comfortable in the jewish world. JQY does not advocate any lifestyle.

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They are there for support and have people that have many different ideas. My personal opinion is that the Orthodox world is killing off people. Saving a life is one of the basic tenets of the torah and I believe they help very much allow people to know that whatever they choose God loves them.

Maybe that is just my idea, but I think with all the disdain, bullying and terrible messages that are recieved throughout our childhood, that it pushing people to the opposite end. I felt I was unworthy of a life and that god hated me. I had noone and no group to help me in dealing with it. Today I have a spiritually that I have never had. I believe I was given a mission that is very different and special just like many of you. My life is unconventional and I feel that god made it that way.

God guides me in my life and cares about me and every single purpose. The address is richdweck.

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Lisa You sound like you have found a comfortable place for yourself and your family within Orthodoxy so Kol Hakavod to you. If memory serves me correctly. Is this not true? And if yes, how can you reprimand Leon G? Not that it would have been okay to ignore rabbinic laws either. There is nothing wrong with secular gay marriage, gay people raising children or anything of the sort, if you are opposed to those issues, that is your agenda- who has the right to say which one is right and which one is wrong? With so many needy children in the world how can you deny a loving supportive family with two parents, regardless of their gender?

But never have I heard JQY ostracize someone for their struggle.

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And a pride parade is simply a display of confidence and love, after so many years of rejection and hatred- can you blame someone for wanting to attend? Never has JQY marched in inappropriate garb or partook of behaviors in the parade. Chaim is not sick, nor is it your place to judge him for being so.

I promise you, as someone who has struggled with sexuality- it is not something that can be davened away. And until you are in the shoes of someone like Chaim, or myself, who is gay, you cannot possibly understand what we go through. Why is this so? Their compulsions may be unimaginably strong to those of us who are not so afflicted. But through these programs, many an alcoholic need never take another drink, or gambler need never gamble again. One can be heterosexual, but not acting on it.

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As observant Jews, we exercise choices every day guided by Torah principles. It is instilled in us from the time we were small. Mark, You are right and nobody is fooled. Be strong—you are the one with courage and heart and a head. They have an agenda and they may not be very honest in how they present themselves but they are sure victims. Within the context of that agenda they seek to manipulate others. All the letters that praised and encouraged and offered admiration were from people in JQY—not your average from person.

They try to make themselves look important.

Florida's most famous gaybourhood invests in affordable homes for gay seniors

No doubt somebody said hey write letters so we look really important.