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In the Christina Noble Foundation was established. It has since provided free medical care to over street and abandoned children per year and free education for hundreds of street children. She later set up a sponsorship programme, worked with prison authorities to launch a prison education project and has established many other much needed changes in the lives of disadvantaged children, Her work is truly amazing.

In Christina was officially acknowledged for her contribution to humanity and awarded the Medal of Peace and Humanity. In she was voted one of the top 20 inspirational women in the world by Harpers and Queen UK. His seizures came back in causing a further crisis and a return to the US where medicinal cannabis was prescribed by his specialist. In the summer of the Home Secretary agreed to reschedule cannabis derived medical products after a very successful media campaign led by Charlotte and Billy which changed the law in Uk. Medicanal Cannabis was legalised.

This lady is a fabulous powerhouse who knows how to live life to the full. She will tour a brand new show, A Line of O'Kane, nationwide in She also serves as a board director for national charity, BodyWhys. She is a three time Olympian , , in the m hurdles and was crowned World 60m Hurdles Champion in Derval is national record holder in the 60m hurdles 7. She is a two time European silver medallist , and has won bronze twice at the European Indoor Championships in and She is also a two time bestselling author. If you want to learn how to achieve your goals and you need focus, determination, motivation or the ability to persevere, Derval can show you how!

Yemi is a game changer.

Welcome to your life

She hosted and produced a TV talk show, 'Sharing with Yemi' which was Nigeria's Number 1 leading talk show from — She has been invited to speak at many international conferences and Seminars on various issues and has made presentations to Ministers at the Irish National Parliament on issues of integration, social inclusion, diversity, racism and the development of an integration Strategy in Counties in Ireland. She is married to Actor, Deji Adenuga and they are blessed with 4 children, the eldest of which is married and has made Yemi a Glam'ma Grandmother.

Maia Dunphy is a well known writer and broadcaster who stepped in front of the camera after over a decade of writing and producing. Maia has covered many diverse topics in her career, giving her a deep understanding of people, human behaviour and what it truly means to empower yourself. She comes from a very real place and you will learn a huge amount from her. To live with authenticity is something every person needs to be happy and fulfilled.

Maia is authentic in all she does and will show you how to shine successfully as a unique authentic individual. She holds a first class honours degree in business studies. ConnectIreland began as a globally unique job creation initiative which emerged from the Global Irish Economic forum in , and has been responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs. The programme is internationally award winning and is recognised as a global exemplar of best citizen engagement with almost , connectors in countries worldwide!

The mission of ConnectIreland originally was to mobilise the Global Irish community to introduce companies planning to expand to Europe to Ireland, however under Joanna's stewardship the initiative has morphed into a much larger inward investment promotion agency which seeks to encourage companies to establish in Ireland, expand to Ireland, or to invest in Ireland through the Irish Disapora loan fund, thereby creating employment, most particularly in regional Ireland.

Joanna's expertise is in inward investment and Irish economic development. She is fluent in Irish and has spent the past nineteen years working in the media industry, primarily as a Television and Radio broadcaster. She also works as a voice over artist, event MC, singer, actor and writer. And in she added another string to her bow by becoming a certified yoga teacher. In she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, an experience that changed for life in every way. She had to accept that she may lose her voice as a result of the surgeries to remove the tumour and gland and as someone who makes a living from speaking this was a major wake-up call for her.

Through the practice of yoga and becoming aware of her body on all levels; physically, emotionally and mentally, she has learnt to deal with the challenges she has been given, listen to her body and to appreciate the gift of living an authentic life. She will show you how you can too.

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Bibi Baskin was the first woman in Ireland to have a TV chat show of her own. Throughout this time she had developed a significant interest in the Indian system of Wellness, Ayurveda. And so she went to Kerala, south India, to learn more. She spent a total of fifteen years there where she owned and managed a heritage hotel which also featured Ayurveda. She has returned to Ireland and gives Motivational talks around the country on the subject of inviting change into your life and illustrates how she coped with this on her varied career path.

Gloriane Giovannelli is a private consultant and international speaker for Health and Wellness. Gloriane is honoured to be the Health and Nutrition Expert for the non-profit Aunua Academy, which aims to help teenagers to be more resilient against all types of bullying, self-harming, pressures on body image and ultimately the prevention of suicide.

It reaches children and schools worldwide through a free online educational platform. Her degrees include: Doctor of Chiropractic, B.

150+ Inspiring Leadership Quotes By Some Of The World’s Greatest Leaders

Psychology and B. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies. Award winning entrepreneur, writer and speaker since at the age of 19 when she started her software company including awards from Senate, Assembly, and the White House Presidential Award from President Obama. Pioneer on the internet developing brands, websites, SEO and now social media since Global leader serving thousands of clients around the world to develop a fully branded end to end website presence so they can professionally match, rise above the competition, and reach millions with their message.

She has previously worked for national daily and regional newspapers and magazines plus BBC Northern Ireland. She contributes to television and radio shows and her particular love is books. Aine is an fantastic example of female creativity and leadership. As a leading agent and publicist to many top national and international brands and personalities, Joanne is the lady to listen to when it comes to branding, including branding yourself!

She can empower you to recognise your unique identity. Cathy O Connor is one of Ireland's most respected fashion stylists. Renowned for her expertise and practical. She loves her job. At the Summit Cathy will show us how we can all embrace and love our bodies, no matter our size or shape, giving you the confidence to be your best self. In Deirdre Featherstone was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and went on to her lose hair, have chemotherapy, a mastectomy, radiation and a reconstruction, all in a two-year period.

It was a very grueling time, but she feels that it was also one of the best times in her life. A couple of weeks after her mastectomy she was naturally very upset. She was housebound and could not drive but was dying to get back into life and wanted something good to do to put her mind back to work. She came up with the idea of a Skinny Dip to raise money for Childhood Cancer.

In "Dee" style she went for it. The first Strip and Dip was created. Approximately 50 women turned up. Dee decided to raise the bar and set another goal, to beat the world record for skinny dips! The event totally took off and on the day she had 2, women show up to dip. Six ladies at the front did a little reveal Four of the women had undergone mastectomies.

On Ireland's Got Talent, the crowd went wild in celebration as the choir got the Golden Buzzer straight to the live shows!

A new decade is nearly upon us. How do we women continue to push the boundaries?

Dee's motto is Together we are stronger - Women together can achieve anything. Let's get in the room and be upstanding for this amazing empowering woman! She is known for her commitment and drive to providing valuable information. Her talks are extremely powerful and compelling as she leaves the audience feeling completely energized and ready to take on the world!

One of the reasons Tracey stands out as a speaker is that she brings her own personal experiences to her talks. Kelly K is a well known radio presenter at Dublin City fm, presenting the show Upstarts. We had a phenomenal day at the Women's Empowerment Summit. I was absolutely blown away by the resilience and strength within each of the female speakers and thanks so much for so eloquently sharing your stories with us and empowering the women of Ireland Thank you Donna Kennedy for organising such an amazing event and we cannot wait for the next one on the 12th May Bring your mammies, your sisters and your friends and be truly moved and inspired!

The event headed up by the amazing Donna Kennedy has the ability to instill in every attendee that they can achieve the incredible.

Better Humans

Donna has a gift and the best part is that, this is a gift she happily shares. If you want to feel empowered, enlightened and energised then reach out to Donna and enjoy becoming the best you can be. It was an amazing day, very inspirational and motivating.

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Your speakers were also so inspiring and interacted in a lovely way with a full house of attendees. Looking forward to the next one! It was a fantastic day from start to finish and a very well run event. I would encourage those who were not in attendance to purchase your tickets early for next year as I am predicting an even bigger event for ! Thank you so much for being a fantastic role model for me, but also for my children.