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Create an environment that fosters a love of lifelong learning through quality academics. In turn, just as parents rely on the school for leadership, so teachers rely on parents to provide leadership at home in these areas:.

Parent and School Partnership

Love, support and nurture your child. Teach discipline and structure and enforce it consistently. If children remain faithful in the small things, they will learn to remain faithful in the large things. Children must understand we all live under authority; there is a God and it is not them Proverbs We all make mistakes and experience setbacks and disappointments. Many of the big life lessons occur in these situations, so it is critical that our students understand how to handle adversity.

Successfully navigating adversity builds self-esteem and provides a framework for handling future challenges Romans Phone: Fax: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Parent Partnership Days

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    The Partnership

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    In order to be happy, a child actually all of us must feel loved and learn to love others. Relationships in the family give a wonderful chance to learn how to be loving. Disagreements and quarrels among siblings provide the opportunity for us to guide them in working out differences with respect and love. I believe that God created us to be an extension of Himself.

    He intended to dwell among us, to resonate with our minds and hearts and experience all the joys and challenges of physical life and the universe through us. In the relationships in our families, we can partner with God so that He can experience life within and among us. Read More Articles. It replaces the publication that came out more than 30 ago.

    This new version…. Continue Reading. Our 1 priority in was to improve our communication and relationship with our members.

    We invested heavily in reaching more people, and we're happy to report the…. Marriage, like our spiritual health, physical health, and personal cleanliness requires constant investment and upkeep!